Dan is Da Man!

Dan Friess a.k.a. the Mangrove Man, has recently been promoted to Assistant Professor in Department of Geography after spending almost three years as a post-do  in Applied Plant Ecology Lab. Hailing from  profound Geography background during his undergrad days in Cambridge, Dan will  be teaching NUS Geography modules to undergraduates including modules GE4207 Coastal Management  and GE2018 / SSA2215 – The Biophysical Environment Of Singapore in  the coming semester (Jan 2012-April 2012).

I’m sure the Indiana Jones-wannabe will ‘rope’ the Geog students to his attention with his ‘whip’! Yee-haw!And hopefully he will persuade a  horde of students to be part of  the Mangrove Mafia group by the end of the semester!

Perhaps it is time to address him with a new nickname,  the Mangrove Maestro!

We wish you all the best with your new job!

Staff profile –> http://ap3.fas.nus.edu.sg/fass/geofd/


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