Pasir Ris mangrove guided walk @9th June 2012

Last Saturday,  the Squad conducted our  inaugural guided walk  for the public at Pasir Ris mangrove boardwalk. Our guides were Melanie, Germaine, Rick and Sankar while our photographer was Max (Melanie’s son). Although there was a slight drizzle in the morning prior to the walk, the weather did not dampen the spirit of some our visitors who have signed-up for the walk on 9th June 2012.

During the guided walk, Melanie and Germaine pointed out some the usual animals found the mangroves and talked a little about the biology of these animals.

Melanie telling visitors about the physical environment of a typical mangrove

A mangrove crab coming out from its burrow

The children enjoyed looking at the mangroves crabs and their burrows. Of course, they wanted to have a closer look of the crabs from the boardwalk.

Visitors on the lookout for mangrove animals from the boardwalk

One of the child visitors spotted a creature swimming in a creek that looks like a frog and a fish. As he took a closer look at the animal….

A child used a pair of binoculars  to view an animal from the boardwalk

which turned out to be none other than a mudskipper! A Giant mudskipper to be exact…

A swimming Giant mudskipper

Of course the plants along Pasir Ris mangrove boardwalk were not also not forgotten!

Melanie talked to the children visitors about the Pong-pong (Cerbera odollam) fruit

Leaf insectivory was also explained during the walk

Before the guides could talk more about mangrove plants, Sankar alerted the other guides about the presence of two Oriental Pied hornbills in the mangrove! For first time visitors to the park, this is a rare sighting and of course, our visitors were extremely excited with their presence during our walk.

These birds, most probably a breeding pair, were sighted collecting materials such as natural debris, which is  most probably used to build their nest

As the visitors arrived the mangrove observation jetty at the end of walk, more animals were observed…..

A malayan water monitor lizard (Varanus salvator) was observed swimming along Sungei Tampines (Tampines River)

The bird fauna was also seen (but not captured by our lens). They include the usual and charismatic grey herons, little herons. Sankar also managed to point out a raptor-like bird perching on a tree branch opposite of the jetty.

Pasir Ris mangrove is indeed rich in biodiversity with the different animals and plants observed during the walk!

After the walk, visitors, especially children expressed their love and concern for Pasir Ris mangrove in their drawings!

One of the children visitors, I-Shiuo drew a mangrove crab on his drawing sheet!

Tiara, 6, drawing what looks like to be Earth and its connection to mangroves!

Our children visitors are extremely creative. Have a look at a  drawing depecting the biodiversity of Pasir Ris mangrove.  Tell us what do you think of them?

Check out also the other drawings from the kids: mangroveactionsquad’s photostream

For those who want to join our  FREE Pasir Ris  mangrove boardwalk tour , we are conducting another session on the 23rd June 2012 (Saturday)

Time: 5pm-6.30pm  (Evening walk)

Meeting point: Pasir Ris Park, Carpark C, meet near the first toilets nearest the entrance to the carpark.

ALL are welcomed including families, small groups or  individuals! The more, the merrier!

Kindly sign-up for the 23th June walk  HERE.

For more information, kindly visit


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Welcome to the Mangrove Action Squad (MAS) blog. The squad is very passionate about monitoring and conservation of mangroves of Singapore and we love to share our thoughts on the subject of mangroves.

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