FREE Pasir Ris Mangrove Boardwalk Tour on 23rd June 2012 (Saturday)

Join the Squad on 23rd June 2012 (Saturday) as we share our knowledge on the amazing critters and plants of Pasir Ris mangrove! Children and adults equally welcomed to join our walk.

If we are lucky, we may encounter hornbills in the park as we did during our last guided walk.

Besides the tour, children visitors will  also have a chance to express their creativity and thoughts on the amazing plants and animals  of Pasir Ris mangrove with a coloring session. Colour pencils and papers will be provided.

A child’s interpretation of the biodiversity of Pasir Ris mangroves (Picture courtesy of Naked Hermit Crabs)

We are also introducing a brief and interactive dialogue session featuring Gladys Chua, a  Mang-rover in our Squad.

The session is titled “Kids & Conservation in the 21st Century”

Gladys currently works as  a Community Outreach Officer at Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (ACRES) and she’s very passionate about everything conservation biology!

Both children and adults can join this session and raise questions and discuss topics pertaining to the title of the dialogue. 

FAQs for the walk

Q: Who and how many can sign up for the walks?

A: ALL are welcomed including families, small groups or  individuals! The more, the merrier!

Q: Date & time

A: Date: 23rd June  2012 (Saturday)
      Time: 5.00pm-7.00pm
                    5.00-6.15pm (Guided walk)
                    6.15-7.00pm (Colouring & Dialogue Session)

Meeting point: Pasir Ris Park, Carpark C, meet near the first toilets nearest the entrance to the carpark. The meeting point is a short stroll from the Pasir Ris MRT station. Pasir Ris is a very long park with many carparks from A to E. Do look at the map to be sure you are heading for the correct carpark, Carpark C!

Kindly sign-up for the 23th June walk  HERE.

Other FAQs (adapted from FAQ of Naked Hermit Crabs)

Q: Suitable attire?
A: Comfortable outdoors clothes, cap/hat (on a sunny day) and normal walking shoes. There may be mosquitoes in the mangroves, so you might want to wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt or bring your own mosquito repellent.

Q: What should I bring?
A: Rain gear, sunglasses (on a sunny day), camera, binoculars (if available) lots of water (at least 500ml) and snacks (especially for those prone to low blood sugar). If you want to continue to explore the mangroves on your own after our walk, you might want to bring a small torch (for evening walks only).

Q: What if I am late?
A: Just catch up with us on the boardwalk! We will start from the entrance closest to Carpark C (with red star on the image below) and take the first right turn towards the Mangrove Jetty on Sungei Tampines. We will end the walk near the pond.

See map

Q: What if it is bad weather (rain and/or thunderstorms) ?
A: This is a rain-or-shine event. Mangrove Action Squad members will be there at regardless of the weather. Unless it is a heavy rain with thunderstorms, usually we are able to resume the walk once the rain stops. Please come prepared with raingear  (raincoat, poncho). You make your own decision whether to come or not in the event of bad weather.

Looking forward to your sign-ups and your presence during our walks on the 23rd June! See you!!


About Mangrove Action Squad

Welcome to the Mangrove Action Squad (MAS) blog. The squad is very passionate about monitoring and conservation of mangroves of Singapore and we love to share our thoughts on the subject of mangroves.

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  1. hi will u be doing another tour soon? thanks : )

    • Mangrove Action Squad

      Sorry for the EXTREMELY late reply, we might have doing a tour this again this year 2013, perhaps end of the year. Please keep yourself updated with news and events from this blog. Thanks

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