UNEP Environmental Alert: Global Mangrove Forest Cover Fading Fast

Source: Travel Impact Newswire

Published on 22nd August, 2013

Photo 2

Nairobi, Aug 2013 – The uniquely adapted mangrove forests on the marine-terrestrial interface preserve coastline integrity by buffering wave energy from marine processes. The ecosystem services they provide and their support for coastal livelihoods worldwide are worth at least US $1.6 billion a year. Despite their global importance, mangroves are being lost rapidly and action is urgently needed to protect them.

The news article listed the findings of the report which includes the importance of mangroves, threats and progress in mangrove conservation. The article also states the implication of these findings on policy worldwide.

Read the full news article on http://www.travel-impact-newswire.com/2013/08/unep-environmental-alert-global-mangrove-forest-cover-fading-fast/#ixzz2czKSC7Xg



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