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Preliminary result of Mandai mapping project

After a few months of hard work in Mandai mangroves, Mangrove Action Squad is glad to report some preliminary of Mangrove Apprentice a.k.a. Rick’s project. After having mapped about 600 trees,  the distribution of tree species near Sungei Mandai Kechil can be seen in the figure below! That’s quite awesome, isn’t?

Perhaps this is a sign of species zonation in Mandai? There needs to be more work done to conclude the observation?

Well, there’s still a long way more to complete the vegetation survey. The ultimate goal: to map every SINGLE tree in Mandai. Perhaps another 10,000 more trees to be mapped?  For now, Rick will be mapping trees within specific 10-metre wide transects perpendicular  to the shoreline in Mandai to  accommodate the timeline for his thesis.

The transects are 200m apart, namely denoted A1 to A4. The fifth transect (orange transect line but not labelled in the figured above) is the first transect to be completed, as shown the earlier figure.  The yellow color pins denote the benchmarks for total station.

Estimated date to complete mapping the vegetation in transects : End of February 2012.

Will he be able to complete this in time?….. We’ll see and we are looking forward to see the outcome of this cool project!

Keep up your good work, Rick!