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3,500 International Coastal Cleanup volunteers hit the beach in Singapore today!


Since 1992, Raffles Museum Toddycats! has been organising International Coastal Cleanup Singapore. Since the beginning, there has been  3,000 volunteers by more than 50 organisations and schools!

“This year, more than 3,500 volunteers from some 80 schools, corporate groups and agencies went to beach and mangroves of Singapore early on 13th September morning to collect, categorise and remove trash from our shores – for the 22nd year!

We chose to work the low tide this week before the rest of the world conduct their cleanups on the third Saturday of September as identified by Ocean Conservancy, the international coordinator”

Read more on their work on

Also, International Coastal Cleanup Singapore also has a Year-Round Coastal Cleanups (YRCC) programme. Organisers from schools, institutions, corporate or other groups are always welcome to organise cleanups at any other time of the year on their own with some advise from us, after reading ICCS’ Guidelines for Organisers. More information on


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